Attorney Randall Levine Releases Statement Regarding Client Rich Baird and the Flint Water Crisis

Randall LevineThis week, news outlets nationwide have reported that former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and other government officials were expected to be indicted on criminal charges for their role in the Flint water crisis. Criminal Defense attorney Randall Levine of Levine & Levine Attorneys At Law in Kalamazoo issued a statement to media regarding his client, Rich Baird, a Flint native who was appointed senior advisor and transformation leader during the Snyder administration, and potential charges he may face in connection to the Flint water crisis.

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021, Levine issued the following statement to the media:

“On Monday, Jan. 11, we were informed that Rich Baird will be facing charges stemming from his work helping to restore safe drinking water for all residents and faith in the community where he grew up.

At this time, we have not been made aware of what the charges are, or how they are related to his position with former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s administration.

He served as an adviser to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder during the Flint water emergency. Flint is where he was born and raised in a single parent blue collar home. He is not a person of privilege as his mother was a waitress and a factory worker. Today, he still has family living in Flint.

Rich’s relationship with the Flint community has always been strong. When the Flint water crisis hit, he wasn’t assigned by Governor Snyder to go to Flint, but rather he raised his hand and volunteered. He worked tirelessly to try to help the people of Flint, where he lived and had an office.

In January of 2016, Rich Baird convened the first Mission Flint meeting. Mission Flint was designed to implement a plan of community outreach. It involved listening and learning from Flint citizens while supporting programs to help with behavioral issues, nutrition needs, water quality, and filter distribution. It was also involved with educational programs and provided nurses in schools. Mission Flint met weekly in churches, union halls, and schools throughout the city of Flint. Individuals were engaged in door-to-door education programs for economic development; met with the members of the Flint Health Community; and championed water quality testing in schools, daycare centers, and nursing facilities.

Rich Baird created a water credit relief program that returned $42 million in credits to the people of Flint who could not use their water. He worked relentlessly for Flint residents in order to implement lead service line replacements. He led the negotiations with concerned pastors resulting in keeping water distribution pods open until testing showed that the water was safe to drink.”

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