Managing Partner Randall Levine says there is no standard for appeals in Dane Neino case

After a Muskegon County judge delayed the criminal case for a man accused of hitting and killing a motorcyclist in Muskegon County, Managing Partner Randall Levine spoke with WZZM 13 about the amount of appeals a defendant may request.

Dane Neino is accused of hitting and killing Nathan Conrad, who was driving a motorcycle, in Muskegon County last year. On May 1,3 Neino sat in court refusing another plea deal. His attorney told the judge that he needs more time to go over evidence with his client. Muskegon Judge Matthew Kacel accepted the defense's request for more time.

“I’ve been defending criminal cases for over 40 years and there is no standard,” Levine said in his interview with WZZM 13. “Things happen in the defense of a serious criminal charge like this one. When things happen which cause the need for further exploration for the defense, as well as for the government or court in the exercise of its discretion – oftentimes it may be once, twice, three, four or five times. The objective is to give both the government and the defendant a fair trial.”

Judge Kacel explained to the courtroom what was behind the decision to push the hearing back.

“There's a legal issue regarding the causation elements or the facts of this case regarding whether or not Mr. Neino was asked to remove the vehicle off the victim or whether or not that could be a causation,” said Judge Kacel. He told the defense that this would be the last time the case would be delayed, with a new hearing to be scheduled within 30 days.

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