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      The attorneys at Levine & Levine are extremely dedicated to bettering the lives of their clients. They take the time to explain the often complicated legal system to their clients and are always available for questions and concerns. Sarissa treated me as if I was part of the family and helped to deliver the best possible outcome of a bad situation. I would not hesitate to put my trust in Levine & Levine again. I would absolutely recommend this firm to everyone. I cannot thank them enough for the help they have given to me and my family.

      Addie M.

      I have nothing but good things to say about everyone here. They made me feel like family from day one. Very professional. I have used this firm for both personal and business reasons and they have been great to me.

      Chad H.

      Levine and Levine has proven to me to be an outstanding law firm. In high level complex business law cases with multi-faceted aspects of complicated business situations, their work ethic was unmatched and their legal knowledge and capabilities were unrivaled. Their dedication to the truth and their highest ethical standards was inspirational. I was extremely impressed with their ability to keep our ship on the course of truth in spite of foggy conditions and amidst strong adversarial sometimes unforeseen headwinds.

      I also used Levine and Levine for Special Needs Trust planning. Their knowledge and skills in this very complex area of law is outstanding. They guided me through establishing a Special Needs Trust and a plan for implementation that gives me peace of mind.
      I highly recommend the law firm of Levine and Levine.

      Bob S.

      I have nothing but good things to say about everyone here. They made me feel like family from day one. Very professional. I have used this firm for both personal and business reasons and they have been great to me.

      Chad H.

      Sharan Levine has the perfect mix of professional and warm throughout. I felt like I had a friend who really cares. So glad I hired her!

      Theresa Z.

      Sarissa is a wonderful person. She helped me and my family through a very difficult time. She was kind and knowledgeable about our situation. She helped make the best of a bad situation. I don't think you could find a better advocate and advisor concerning law. I suspect that others in the office would be equally helpful to you.

      Former Client

      Our family has had the blessing of interacting with Attorney Anastase "Tase" Markou on multiple, stressful occasions. Tase excels at what he does and is well respected in the courtroom. On a personal and professional level, outside of the courtroom, he is humble, gentle, gracious, while remaining straight to the point. He did not gloss over difficult situations, but we were confident that there was no one who could have done it better.

      Cindy D.

      We hired Sarissa Montague to defend our son on a 6 year old warrant that ended him up suddenly in jail in a whole different state after a minor traffic accident. She couldn't have done any better! She was timely in answering any and all of our questions and concerns and was able to get him off with just a misdemeanor and parole (originally 3 felonies).

      I only by chance selected her - I think from findlaw - as we were pretty much lost never having been in this situation before. And thank goodness she was the first to respond - I honestly don't think we could have had a better attorney representing my son. With her knowledge and relationships, she turned a scary situation into a breeze. We are forever thankful!

      Carolyn C.

      Sharan Levine and her team helped me navigate a problematic & intricate ownership transition between myself and a business partner.

      This was a situation that needed to be handled delicately to avoid flaring tempers and emotions. She said she was an expert at these types of situations during the free consult, then proved it by the phenomenal way she resolved the situation. She was able to successfully value the company, prepare all the necessary documents, and most importantly get all parties to agree & sign. It is truly impossible to capture the quality of her work in such a short narrative.

      Sharan is undoubtedly a skilled lawyer, a person of high intelligence, and most importantly, a person of the highest moral character. There was never a situation in which she displayed otherwise. I was pleased with the outcome of our engagement and will continue to use her firm to assist me with all my legal matters into the future.

      Daniel C.

      Excellent service, very thorough. Would highly recommend. Attorney Markou does all he can to get you the best possible outcome.

      Terry M.

      Sharan Levine has been our attorney for over 30 years and we have been more than satisfied with all of the legal assistance she has provided during that time.

      Timothy W.

      Sarissa Montague saved my life! Levine and Levine was recommended to me by a fellow inmate while I was being held on a $300,000 cash only bond on an assault with great bodily harm, which would have resulted in a mandatory 25 year sentence. I would have been eligible for parole at 76 years old. Sarissa fought passionately for me and in doing so LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE by redeeming my freedom. When Sarissa took my case the matter had already been pending for a year. I was being held in jail on an unpostable bond. I had already hired and or been appointed four separate attorneys who had failed miserably in protecting my rights. Sarissa spent hours upon hours unraveling and repairing the numerous mistakes made by the other attorney’s. She worked diligently to rebuild the damaged relationships within the criminal justice and judicial system. Sarissa spent numerous hours discussing my case with me. But most importantly, Sarissa willingly gave me her time. She listened to me and worked with me to bring forth our best legal arguments. Sarissa was very professional but wore many different hats throughout the legal process. At times we disagreed, but I was ALWAYS confident that Sarissa was acting in my best interest. After 17 ½ months in jail, awaiting trial, Sarissa was successful in perfecting a motion to dismiss, that she presented flawlessly. The motion was granted and all charges were dismissed with prejudice. I was released from jail within the hour. I consider Sarissa an undeserved blessing, had she not been recommended, I would have not been successful in beating these charges. Sarissa saved me from spending the remainder of my life in prison. Best attorney ever, as well as being an all around caring, compassionate human being. If you can retain her – do so without any question in your mind. Best money I have ever spent. Levine and Levine, as a whole as hands down the BEST law firm I have ever come in contact with or even heard of. Professional, patient, and understanding of the multi-faceted stressors related to being charged in a criminal matter with everyone in the office working to eliminate those factors. TOP NOTCH, BEST OF THE BEST LAW FIRM. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

      Troy J.