Defenses Against Sexual Assault Charges

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Sexual assault charges are some of the hardest to fight. Most evidence in these situations is based on testimony from both sides, and it can be incredibly difficult to combat the alleged victim’s story. Unfortunately, though, this means that many innocent people are labeled as sexual criminals. Let’s discuss some strategies that can be used to defend against sexual assault charges.

Defense 1: It Was Consensual

Some individuals engage in consensual sex, later regret it, and then make accusations of sexual assault. If this situation fits your case, you may be able to argue that your sexual interaction was consensual at the time. This absolves you of wrongdoing.

There may also have been a misunderstanding about consent at the time of the incident. Perhaps you believe that you got consent, but the alleged victim disagrees.

Defense 2: You Didn’t Have Sexual Relations

You could be the victim of mistaken identity or otherwise innocent of being involved with the alleged victim in any capacity.

Defense 3: The Alleged Victim Has Ulterior Motives

Sexual assault allegations may come:

  • During a contentious divorce
  • To affect child custody decisions
  • After a bad breakup
  • To prevent someone from obtaining a job
  • To get revenge

Tell your defense attorney if you believe that the individual accusing you of sexual assault is doing so for one of these reasons. You can work together to collect evidence showing that the assault accusation came shortly after one of the above events.

For these defenses, the goal will either be to prove your innocence or create reasonable doubt of your guilt.

Michigan Sexual Assault Legal Defense

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