I have a CCW permit so why can't I carry my gun wherever I want?

Randall Levine

You have attended the classes, gone to the range, and paid your fees. You survived a criminal background check and have obtained a concealed carry permit. You may think you are entitled to carry that gun wherever you want. However, think again.

Michigan law has created pistol free areas that are places where you may not carry your gun even though you have a licensed permit to do so. You cannot carry your gun on school property or daycare centers, sporting arenas, or other venues. You can not carry your gun in any tavern where the primary source of income is the sale of alcohol or liquor by the glass. You can’t carry your gun in houses of worship, hospitals or college, university classrooms, and dorms. You can’t carry your gun in a casino.

What about federal facilities? There are certain facilities that are also gun-free zones. If you carry your gun in a gun-free zone at a post office or other federal facility including a national park building you potentially face federal criminal prosecution and incarceration.

Be sure that you understand the parameters of the law that allows you to carry a gun when you are granted a concealed weapons permit. There are certain places where you cannot bring your gun and there are steep penalties involved if you violate the provisions of the law. Those penalties include fines, costs, incarceration, and potential revocation of your permit to carry a firearm. 

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