Prosecutor Refuses to Charge Man Living With Dementia

Anastase Markou

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, in Kent County, Michigan, Prosecutor Chris Becker announced a decision not to charge a 61-year-old man living with dementia in the death of his roommate at an assisted living center. The victim was hit by the suspect and suffered a broken jaw and eventually other complications; he died six months later.

WOOD-TV reporter Marvis Herring spoke with Levine & Levine Associate Attorney Anastase Markou about the prosecutor’s decision.

Markou who has 24-year's experience as a defense attorney agrees that charges were not appropriate in this case. He notes that it is clear the suspect suffered from dementia for years before the incident and couldn’t properly defend himself in court.

“I don’t know any case where dementia gets better,” Markou said. “It isn’t the diagnosis of dementia itself that renders the suspect incompetent to stand trial; it is all the symptoms of that dementia at this point in time that renders a person potentially incompetent to stand trial.”

To watch WOOD TV’s full report and interview with Markou click here.

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