Levine & Levine criminal defense attorneys celebrate with Rich Baird after Flint Water case dismissal of charges

On Friday, Jan. 26, Levine & Levine criminal defense team Randall Levine, Anastase Markou, and Sarissa Montague, gathered to celebrate their client, Rich Baird, after all charges against him were dismissed in the Flint Water Crisis case.

For the past three years, Baird, advisor to for former Governor Richard Snyder, had been unfairly disgraced by state prosecutors in an effort to rectify the government’s wrongdoing that was done to Flint citizens nearly a decade ago.

In September 2023, the Michigan Supreme Court dismissed the Flint water prosecutors’ “application for leave” to appeal, affirming Baird’s claim that the one-man grand jury’s charges against him were unconstitutional. The ruling puts an end to the years-long court battle for the former aide to Gov. Rick Snyder.

“This finally puts an end to the case against my client, Mr. Baird, who worked tirelessly for the citizens of Flint in an effort to remediate the Flint Water Crisis,” Levine said in September. “We have maintained all along that there is no basis for the state prosecutor’s appeal, and the one-person grand jury that they used in an attempt to convict my client is an antiquated process. Mr. Baird can finally go on with his life without this case continuing to interfere with the stellar life that he has led and of which his family has been proud.”

The celebration also included Snyder with his lead counsel Brian Lennon of Warner, and co-defendants Nancy Peeler, Eden Wells, Nick Lyon and their respective counsel.

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