COVID-19 Domestic Violence Help

Sarissa Montague

Whoever could have imagined a time where we would be required to stay home, day in and day out, in order to protect the health of not only ourselves but the community at large? While the prohibition against leaving our homes is welcomed by some (particularly school-aged kids), it is proving very challenging for some people who live in the same household. 

For families who are going through a divorce, or couples who are in the process of breaking up, or roommates who don’t really like each other, being forced to stay within the same four walls for an extended period of time could prove to be very difficult.

It is not inconceivable that tensions rise, the police get called, and at least one person finds him or herself in trouble with the law. Domestic violence is charged when there is an altercation of some sort between members residing in the same house. Once someone is arrested for domestic violence, there is a very strong likelihood that the person will not be able to return to their home. During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing is required and people are discouraged from having guests, not being allowed home turns into a major problem. 

These are unusual times. If you find yourself charged with domestic violence, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can stop a bad situation from becoming even worse. Contact Levine & Levine to help you through a domestic violence charge, even at a time of national crisis. The office staff at Levine & Levine have the remote capacity with 24/7 phone service directly connecting you with our staff and attorneys for any criminal defense matters, including domestic violence.  

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