Levine & Levine's Cathy Zackery Named NALS Volunteer of the Year 2019

NALS, the National Association for Legal Professionals, recently named Levine & Levine’s Cathy Zackery, CLP, Volunteer of the Year for 2019.

Zackery, a certified legal professional at Levine & Levine and an active NALS member since November 2013, received the honor during the NALS Leadership Appreciation Day on July 5.

Each year, over 150 volunteers are called on to carry on NALS’ mission within its local, state, and national chapters. The NALS Board of Directors and the NALS Resource Center chose Zackery from the nationwide group of volunteers and leaders who exemplifies character, dependability, and leadership.

“Cathy demonstrates dedication and tenacity to the legal profession – not just at Levine & Levine, but within her leadership and volunteer roles through NALS,” Levine & Levine Managing Partner Randall Levine said. “We congratulate Cathy on this well-deserved honor that recognizes her staunch efforts on a local and national level.”

“Cathy has shown the NALS Board of Directors and NALS Virtual Resource Center staff her desire to make NALS the best it can be. Since becoming a member, she has taken advantage of the many opportunities NALS has provided for personal and professional development,” NALS stated in a news release. “Cathy has earned her Certified Legal Professional (CLP) certification in May 2017, dedicated her time to the tri-level organization’s efforts and strategies, and brings ideas and skills that promote growth and conversation. As a national volunteer, Cathy is dedicating her time toward the success of other legal professionals and to the leadership of NALS.”

Zackery currently serves as co-chair of the NALS Manuals Development & Editing Committee, co-chair of the NALS Leadership Identification Committee, and committee member of the Education Outreach Task Force. As a member and former president of NALS of Greater Kalamazoo, she was elected to the NALS State Executive Board of Directors as vice president of membership and marketing for Michigan in April.

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