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Collaborative Divorce: What and Why?

Thumbnail image for 4323365_1.jpgCollaborative divorce is trending nationwide and is gaining momentum in Michigan. It is an alternative to the traditional divorce process, where the parties commit to the common goal of being able to craft a personalized settlement of all issues without judicial involvement. While not appropriate in all cases, collaborative divorce recognizes that, whether at mediation or through direct negotiations, an overwhelming majority of divorce cases settle outside of court. With that recognition, comes a desire to streamline the divorce process so that those who intend to resolve their divorce amicably can do so with a reduced amount of acrimony, and at a reduced cost.

Your Online Presence During Divorce

profileSoon after Levine & Levine family law attorneys establish attorney-client relationships with new clients, we commonly engage in a basic online search for information about the other parties involved. If we are doing it, then other attorneys are probably also doing it. Individuals' failures to take advantage of privacy settings on Facebook, or other social media sites, can create a treasure trove of information. To insure our clients' online presence does not become a presence during divorce actions, we commonly offer the following tips.

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