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"I just can't talk to him." How to deal with 50-50 parenting time when you and your ex can't communicate.

Rachel.jpg It is becoming increasingly more common for parents to have "50-50" parenting time schedules with their children. This is where the children spend 50 percent of the time in one parent's home, and 50 percent of the time in the other parent's home. While this is a great solution for many families, it can be a challenge for parents that just do not communicate well.

By creatively using the law and technology, parents can figure out ways to share parenting time without needing their attorney for every single communication with their ex. There are three primary ways to do this:

  • Parenting Time Schedules
    One huge stressor between exes who cannot communicate is parenting time exchanges. If individuals have a parenting time schedule that minimizes the number of exchanges, and if that schedule is contained in a detailed order, individuals can avoid a lot of emotional strife and needless attorney fees.
  • Parenting Time Coordinators
    Michigan lawmakers recently passed an Act, which allows parties to agree to, or allows courts to appoint, the use of parenting time coordinators (PTCs). Some PTCs are family law attorneys. Others are psychological professionals. If, while in a divorce, it becomes apparent that both parties are having difficulty communicating on basic decisions, it may be best to speak to an attorney about to the use of a PTC to resolve some, or all, day-to-day parenting time disagreements.
  • Our Family Wizard
    Our Family Wizard is a paid website service that exists for the sole purpose of streamlining communication about the children between exes. It allows parents to keep accurate records of the children's schedules and easily coordinate schedules for both parents. It also has a function to allow an individual to request "trades" with their ex. It also includes various features regarding split expenses. Many parents like Our Family Wizard because it minimizes the chances of "He Said-She Said" claims, and there are options to copy an attorney, or a third-party professional, such as a parenting time coordinator, onto the account.

When faced with constant battles with an ex over basic parenting time matters, a post-judgment action might be necessary. Any (or all) of these three strategies can be employed to try to bring family peace. Attorneys at Levine & Levine are available to discuss what might be right for each unique circumstance.

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