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The Divorce Selfie - Myth or Possibility?

Rachel L GruetznerEvery once in a while, a "divorce selfie," a photograph that a smiling divorced couple takes in the Courthouse just after the divorce is finalized goes viral.

Many people in the process of divorce are stunned at this phenomenon. How is it possible? Don't divorced people hate each other? While most people are not happy to be uncoupling, it is possible to have a civil, amicable divorce. The key to any amicable divorce is to formulate a comprehensive plan on day one, with an attorney. The attorney should understand civility is one of the primary goals of every legal decision made throughout a divorce.

Many attorneys are pre-programmed to work as adversaries and they can't help it because it's the primary practice method taught in most law schools. But, working with an attorney that understands and appreciates the intangible benefits to alternative dispute resolution approaches can make the difference between a "divorce-selfie" and a divorce-restraining order.

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