Family Law Fees

Many individuals express concern about attorney fees associated with divorce or other family law matters. At Levine & Levine, we offer traditional fee structures, flat fee structures, and alternative fee structures for our family law clients, depending on the unique circumstances of the case. Whether in total agreement with ones ex, or facing a highly contentious matter, Levine & Levine works to ensure their clients' interests are protected in a cost-effective way.

Flat Fees for Uncontested Matters

In many cases, clients simply need an attorney to review or prepare a final Judgment of Divorce or other consent order because their matter is uncontested, meaning they agree with the opposing party as to the resolution of the issues. Those in this scenario should be wary of executing a final Judgment of Divorce without any consultation from an attorney. A DIY divorce may save money in attorney fees at the beginning, but may leave one at risk in the future during post-judgment actions. Levine & Levine is happy to offer low-cost flat-fee services for people facing uncontested matters. We believe an ounce of prevention now will save a pound of trouble later.

Flat Fees for Limited Representation

Some clients may need an attorney only for one particular hearing, or they may seek an attorney once a divorce is already underway. Depending on the circumstances in these cases, Levine & Levine offers flat fees to represent the client limited to a very specific need.

Alternative Fee Structures

Some clients find themselves in a difficult spot regarding the resolution of their matters. Some clients need very little attorney intervention, while others require frequent attention to various communications with their attorney, or to have their attorney communicate with opposing counsel, various experts or with the Court. In every scenario, we work with our clients to craft fee agreements that meet your needs. This may include minimum engagement fees, capped fees, payment plans, or other fee arrangements. At Levine & Levine, it is our number one priority to give you the best legal representation possible - at a reasonable rate.

Traditional Fees Structures

In some cases, particularly in complex or highly contentious matters, a traditional fee structure is more appropriate. In these circumstances, our clients provide a retainer, which we bill against at a competitive hourly rate.

Attorney fees are unique to every particular matter. It is impossible to quote expected attorney fees for any case without delving into the specifics of the matter. Schedule a consultation today to discuss what type of fee arrangement is appropriate in your circumstances.